*More G.I. Anglehead Flashlight Mods*
By: trigger
19 June 2003

Many have written articles on this famous (or infamous) flashlight. Most of these articles constitute of different types of modifications that have been done to the light... and this article will is no different.

The first modification I did was to put tape on the outside of the flashlight. I used some green "100 MPH Tape". The reason for the tape is that not only does it make it a bit more camouflage, it also help maintain noise discipline as the tape will muffle any noise that may be caused from objects hitting the flashlight.

The second modification that was done to this piece of equipment was to add half of a paper matchbook to the bottom portion of the light where all the extra lenses are kept.

(You might also notice that I added a some TP under the clear lens to stop any rattling.)

The third modification was to add a piece of tissue or TP inside the battery compartment. I folded a piece of tissue several times to the length of the battery compartment. This takes up the space inside the compartment and prevents the batteries from rattling and making noise. (This is a common problem with the G.I. Anglehead.) In an emergency this tissue can be used to help start a fire or for personal use when there no leaves available :o)

I also but the last battery in backwards. This prevents the light from accidentally turing the on while it's in or on the pack and draining the batteries.

Hope this little bit of information will help you make this mediocre piece of equipment better.

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