*PVC For Coax*
Running Coax Across The Driveway
By: Jaden
10 August 2005

I needed to run coaxial cable across the driveway for my HF antennas. I thought about spanning them across between two poles, but decided against it. I acquired some Schedule 40 1 Ĺ" and 2" PVC pipe and bought a couple of 45 degree elbows for each. The 2" was coupled to the 1 Ĺ" with a reducer. Donít use schedule 20 pipe, itís not strong enough.

I dug a trench about 6" deep across the driveway, then glued the pipe together. I laid the pipe in the trench and filled it back in.


Reducer         Filled back in

I am currently using 2 antennas, but I opted to install a 3rd piece of coax as a spare.

There were to be 3 pieces of RG-8 going through the pipe. I fed from the smaller end and picked one piece as the lead. The second pieceís connector was taped about 8" back from the 1st pieceís connector, then the 3rd pieceís connector was taped about 8" back from the 2nd connector. Then I wrapped tape around all 3 pieces. By setting it up this way all 3 connectors wouldnít be trying to go through an elbow at the same time.


Taping on the 2nd piece         Pushing it up the pipe

It went up the pipe rather easily. No problems.

Each end elbows down to keep water out. As long as the coax goes down after it exits, water canít run in to the pipe by following the cable. As a precaution, there are no connections inside the pipe just in case it breaks or water gets in it. After the cables were run, I simply glued on the last elbow.


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