*Installing A New Plug On A Cord*

By Eli

14 MAY 03


I have an extension cord that needed a new plug. The ground pin on the old plug broke off.


While I was at the hardware store today I picked up a new plug for $3.00.

ah, the flash

The extension cord is heavy duty with thick insulation. I used a hacksaw to cut the old plug off.

On the new plug- The sleeve detaches. Detach it and slide it on the wire.

Then strip back about 1" of the insulation. Be careful not to knick the wires. If you do, start over!

Inside the plug are 3 connection points. The GOLD screw is HOT, the SILVER screw is COLD and the GREEN screw is GROUND.

Silver left, Gold right, Green bottom

In the cord you will have 3 wires.

IF they are Black, White & Green=




Strip about ¼" of insulation off each wire. These wires are braided so I tinned them. Attach the Black wire to the Gold connection, attach the White wire to the Silver connection and then attach the Green wire to the Green connection.

Be sure to tighten the screws. You don’t need to hee-man them, just nice and snug.

Then slide the sleeve over the plug and tighten the screws. There are strain relief screws that clamp down on the wire. Tighten them down until they’re tight.

Plug on…DUH!

WALAAAaa…. that’s all there is to it.

Installing a receptacle is the same procedure.

Be careful when working with electrical devices. If you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, I advise you to stay away.

Safety Slogan- Like…Be Safe and Stuff


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