*My opinion of the Globalstar satellite phones*
By: Chief
24 September 2006

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This summer I was in a position where I would be without coms due to working in a remote area where there was not even radio repeater stations. I decided to purchase one of Globalstars sat phones

The phone is basically run the same as a cell phone and has all the same features. You are dependant on terrain, line of view to satellites , and weather, calling from a vehicle is almost imposible with the hand held unit. I could pretty much get out of anyplace I wanted but sometimes had to walk to high ground. I would loose my call 30% of the time due to loss of signal. There is a delay in your transmition sometimes due to poor signal as well. Batteries take about 8-10 hours to charge.

I paid $850 for the phone and you can not get it for less(in Canada anyway) the company locks in the price so its useless to shop around. You buy minutes from the company. I bought 1800 minutes for $900 and they get more expensive or less depending on how much you buy. Make sure you hit end after your call or you will burn up your minutes without knowing. Something I added was a Pelican case to protect it from the elements.

All n All a good buy for its purpose. Don't expect cell quality but you can at least tune in where everything else cant. I don't know what else to say, they are idiot proof. If you can run a cell you can run one of these.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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