*Building A Self Supporting Tower Base*
By: Jaden
16 December 2008

(Disclaimer: Be sure you follow the tower manufacturer's specifications before putting up any tower.)

We start with a hole.

There are a couple of different ways for installing a base. On this particular one we are putting a section in the ground with concrete. As with a guyed tower the base is important, but on a self-supporting tower it is extremely important. The base has to support the tower with its load, climber(s), ice and anything else.

The base on this one is 5x5x6.

The section in the ground must be level or else the tower will not be straight. I used 3 pieces of OSB to set the section on in the ground and began leveling it.

Base section

In the ground



To check for level, use a level and check all 3 faces. Ensure that the section is steady and can't rock.

Once that was done it didn't take long to build a cheap form for concrete.

Here's the trick. This form as is will fall apart if filled with concrete right now. The hole has to be backfilled first and then the concrete can be poured. The form will remain in the ground.

I had a cement truck come to the site and fill the hole. The base section remained perfectly level.

Once the base has hardened all that's left is to put the tower on it.


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