*Spike's Pocket Electrical Kit*
By: Spike
09 November 2008

Making a small, pocket-sized electrical kit is easier than one would think. Giving yourself the ability to fix anything from breaks in a wire to simply replacing a fuse in your car can be a handy ability to have anywhere you may be.

In this you see solder, toenail clippers, a lighter, 5 feet or so of electrical tape, four fuses (20 amp, 15 amp, 10 amp and 7.5 amp), heat shrink tubing and a regular altoids tin with wire holders.

The wire holders are nothing more than heavy wire with aligator clips attachred. Drilling a small hole in each side of the tin and using 2 small nuts and bolts, you can easily secure the items to the insides. These are handy for holding your wires steady while you use your hands for the solder and the lighter. And yes, the lighter WILL melt the solder on to your wires, and the lid will catch any spalls or drippings.

The heat shrink tubing is actually 6 types with some slid in to others. This is good for saving room in your kit.

The lighter works but I personally prefer a butane lighter over a regular style Bic. The wind can have an effect as well as if it's wet.

Solder storage can be achieved by cutting down a pen, removing the ink cartridge, and adding the solder in while tightly coiling it. Getting it out isn't hard at all and refilling the pen is a breeze.

Toenail clippers can cut solder, smaller wires and strip them. A low cost and compact alternative to larger cutters.

When the kit is packed it all fits in an Altoids tin and weighs mere ounces.

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