*Bringing A Car Stereo Inside*


By Jaden

23 August 2003


A storm has arrived, the power is out and your nice stereo system doesnít work. You want to be able to listen to music and the news to find out whatís happening. You have some different options.

I have plenty of room to work with here in the Rubicon Room so I opted for a car stereo. Itís a cheapo that Iíve had for a few years.

Now when you hook this radio up it doesnít need big honkiní speakers with a 600-watt amplifier. Itís a low power system.

Decide where you want to mount the radio. I put it underneath the workbench where I can reach it from the computer.


Since this is MY room and not many people are allowed in here I just screwed the chassis to the workbench with sheetrock screws. Iím not too worried about professional looks. This is my radio/work/hobby/survival living quarters room. I am thinking survival not show and tell.


Mount your speakers wherever you want Ďem.


Then I ran power wires to my 12-volt distribution block. It runs off the power supply when the grid is up and everything automatically switches to the battery bank when the grid goes down.

Then hook up an antenna. You donít need to worry about tuning and such. Even a piece of wire stuck in the antenna jack will work.

Thatís all Iím using for now.

So I have a low powered radio that works and sounds good. Donít need to change batteries and put tinfoil on antennas.


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