* A quick word to techies*

Let me take the time here to say that a few technical people really like to tear into me for these "easy to understand" articles I write... Or send me LONG diatribes about Nomenclature and "perfect specs" on the test bench. I am NOT writing these articles for technical people, nor am I going to show you how to hack systems. I am displaying this for the survivalist who needs this information in an easy to understand, easy to remember, Non-Technical form. Many people who frequent my site are already professionals in another field and don't have the time to devote to learning complex mathematics or tech language specific to THIS field.

I am an Electrical Engineer, but I make mistakes sometimes like everyone else. What I strive to do is to keep this info simple for the Non-technical survivalist, so they have a better chance of remembering it in the field under difficult circumstances. I ask myself three questions at the end of every article I write:

1. "Is this easy for the Non-Tech to remember"?
2. "Is this close enough to specs to work"?
3. "Is this the easiest way I know to do this"?

If the answer to any of these questions is "NO" in your mind, please let us know! Along with your proposed solution.

So keeping this in mind, PLEASE cut me some slack on numbers and details and "Nomenclature". If you have a submission you'd like to see on here that falls within the above guidelines, or if you see a major error PLEASE let me know.

If you simply want to prove to me how smart you are, take a hike, I don't get paid enough to take any grief (actually I don't get paid at all).

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