*Power Tool Cord Replacement*
By: Jaden
30 April 2007

Ok, I must plead innocent to doing this. My friend and I were working on a project and he cut the cord off the skill saw. Didn’t even trip the circuit breaker. It was no major loss, it was a junky cheap stiff cord.

It ate itself

Replacing the cord was fairly easily. I simply cut the receptacle end off an old 12’ heavy extension cord.

To actually replace the cord meant disassembling the saw. 6 screws later it was apart.


The switch

The wires connect to the switch with stab connectors. Simply use a piece of solid wire and insert it in the hole and it locks. The old wire popped out by inserting a tiny screwdriver in a hole next to it.

The cord I installed was not made of solid wire. Extension cords are made with stranded wire. I just tinned the ends with solder to make them solid.

Tinned wires

Then I inserted them in to the switch. Now, the old cord had a molded retainer, the new cord does not. I simply used a large zip tie. Before reassembling the saw, make sure the wire is not in a pinch point where it might get pinched.

Zip tie retainer


Once the saw was reassembled, I yanked the cord and it doesn’t budge. I now have a nice soft flexible 12’ cord.


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