*Wire Antenna Pole*
By: Lindy
27 February 2011

Items needed

To start off lets talk safety, always weld in a well ventilated area, and do not breath in fumes from this project

First cut 2 - 1 foot lengths from one pipe. Next cut them in half length wise, as shown below.(sorry for blurry picture)

Next clamp 2 pieces with welding pipe clamp pictured below. Or something that will do the job.

You just do it on 2 pipes 6 inches on one end and weld it, use auto clamp on the other pipe, if you want it to be mobile, if not weld it on both pipes. See picture below. For cutting I used a chop saw.

We only did it to 2 pipes and the third one went on top by clamping. This project only took about 30 minutes and we fastened it to the end of my work shop and used guide lines. The second one is seen below. Good luck and have fun.


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