*Illogical Logic*

By Relic

Power - What is it? Where does it come from? How can we use it to our own advantage?

Here are three quotes that symbolize the three kinds of power that have always existed among us   human beings on this earth.

 'Power grows out of the end of a gun'
                          ~ Mao Tse-Tung

 'Money talks'           
                    ~ Anonymous

  'Knowledge itself is power'
                          ~ Francis Bacon

And we seem to have a combination of all three burgeoning around us. Of course, it's always been
there; we just didn't notice. Physical strength, money and knowledge will always be complimentary attributes ...

It's up to us to combine the best that we can scrape together and do combat against those who  would take our freedom from us.

We have a lot of problems in common:

For instance, we're all faced with the problem of getting our preparations for Y2K complete before   it gets much further into summer. Who knows exactly how much time? Not me; nobody's given me my own private line to the future.

But do we have to do it all alone? Absolutely not! Let everyone get into the act. It will take all of us   working together to get everything done in time.

We all have a lot of things that we'd like to do or buy, but are they worth all those $$$? Or could   that money be better spent on an extra book for the kids or a can or two of coffee? Or maybe a   couple of quilts or a case or two of toilet tissue?

Think about it... those new videos might be "just what you want... or that electric can-opener... but   can you enjoy either of them without electricity? Maybe an old-fashioned board game or one of   those new safety can openers might be more valuable in the long run.

In the meantime, take time for yourself, time when you're not concentrating on the survival of your
family, and spend at least one hour each day working on your own ideas. Maybe we'll get lucky and achieve at least part of our goals before things fall apart.

Well, now that I have spent a little over an hour pondering, considering and creating this information, it's time to get on with my "duties", i.e. everyday sorts of things.

News You Can Use

  Old Murder Cases Get a Second Look:

  The PC media would have us all believe that they've got to have more gun control because crime is way up. Well, it just seems logical to me that if homicides are down over 30 percent since 1989 and more people are armed than ever, we must be doing something right. At least, we get results.

Not satisfied with their assaults in the Second Amendment, "they" are trying to tear apart the First, too! Some of the very people who support the Second Amendment have a bigger eraser for the First.

I shouldn't be taking my frustration toward the Powers That Be and the slobbering sheeple out on everyone in my first newsletter... and it's not turning out quite the way I thought it would. That's the kind of thing that can happen when you're a "stream of thought" writer.

Another quote....

                                         Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but,
                                         when separated from law and justice, he is the
                                         worst of all.'

                                                                       ~ Aristotle

 Thoughts to remember

Old familiar patterns of power are fracturing along strange new lines. This crack-up of old-style authority and power in business and daily life is accelerating at the very moment when global power structures are disintegrating as well.

The forces now shaking power at every level of the man system will become more intense and pervasive in the years immediately ahead. Out of this massive restructuring... will come one of the rarest events in human history; a revolution in the very nature of power.

A 'powershift' does not merely transfer power. It transforms it.'


                                         Today, the balancing act (of the cold war) is over.
                                         As a result great 'black holes' have opened up
                                         ---- great sucking power vacuums that could
                                         sweep nations and peoples into strange new, or
                                         ancient, alliances and collisions. There is reason to
                                         believe that the forces now shaking power at
                                         every level will become more intense and
                                         pervasive in the years immediately ahead.

                                                               ~ Alvin Toffler 1990

And we can see it happening every day. More later...


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