*Illogical Logic*
By Relic

Memories... Ah, yes, memories. Sometimes they’re evasive. At other times they come flowing out, one on top of the other. Like before the “Great Depression.” Very little there, but I do remember my father at work, re-building batteries. What do I remember of those days? One thing, especially: A cousin had dressed me and I was complaining to my father that the colors of my sox, hair ribbon and panties were not all the same color! Mom always made sure they matched!

BUT my next clear memory was of living in an empty house with my mom and three brothers. We had nothing! My dad was in the hospital with a broken neck, the money was all gone and everything had been sold so she could buy food. There was one pillow in the middle of the kitchen (on the floor.) My youngest brother (born Dec. 15, 1929) had required major surgery at six weeks of age. The pillow was his bed.

Some ladies came to the door... We kids couldn’t believe what they had with them - a HUGE laundry basket over-flowing with “left-overs” from their pot-luck lunch at the church! I’ve no idea what those ladies said to my very proud mother, but as they spoke, we kids snacked. They poked their noses into every nook and cranny of that little house, wished us all the best of luck and left. The laundry basket became a bed for the baby! Mom sat on the floor and seemed to be crying.

Within a few hours a truck pulled up to the front. “Big people” started carrying in furniture, dishes, clothing, you name it! New? No! “I had this extra, I can spare this, this doesn’t fit my children anymore, etc..”

I remember little more about events that took place when I was a wee little three-year-old. But I do know that was the beginning of my personal involvement with survivalism. There was no such thing as “welfare” or county/federal “dole.” At, least, not that I am aware of. Yes, Mom accepted some “charity” from the members of the church... but she earned it. She made beautiful clothing, trimmed with lace she herself tatted. Her “flour sack” dresses for little girls were treasured by others! Some of the shirts, dresses, etc. were made from curtains and/or sheets!


But, what has that to do with today? Just a gentle reminder to be prepared for anything! Jobs can be lost, houses burned down, Mother Nature can have a temper tantrum. If YOU were without an income, what would you do? Especially if your bank declared bankruptcy (as the Bank of America was in danger of doing just recently.)

Do you have the things you would need to have on hand for your family to survive? Not just food, but things like needles and thread, fabric and dress-making shears... Do you know how to sew? Can you darn a pair of sox? Patch a quilt or a pair of jeans?

Remember, this scenario doesn’t include the ability to “jump in the car and run down to the store.” Do you have friends you can depend on for mutual aid? (Talents and abilities one doesn’t have, one of the others does.) This doesn’t begin to be a comprehensive list of needs, but you can see what I’m driving at.... Take a page out of the Boy Scout manual and “Be Prepared.” FOR ANYTHING.


A bit of a news update.... from my point of view! It doesn’t sound as if Mr. Bush is going to be a very strong “constitutional” president; more of a “go along to get along” type of person. Not my idea of a president who will stop the destruction of our Constitution or Bill of Rights!

We seem to be on the verge of a major recession (I call it Depression!) Lots of jobs out there? Who’s kidding whom? We, my daughter and I, went job-hunting today. At 2:30 p.m., there were so many people waiting in the Employment office, we couldn’t even sign in! We did go through the jobs-on-line in their computers. There were no jobs available in lines of work we could handle within 50 miles! No clerical, no service, no sales, no factory... no nothing! Not even pizza delivery or fast-food places are hiring! Businesses are really cutting their work-forces all over the place! Well, Dragoona still has a job of sorts. After two weeks “unpaid vacation” over Christmas (aka lay-off), she’s been cut down to 13 hours a week at near minimum wage!

So, while we all worry about what tomorrow will bring, the stats are out. The consumer price index indicates prices are flat. The cost of living hasn’t gone up one little bit! Of course, they don’t count the “volatile” little things like the price of food or fuel!


By the way, don’t worry about it! A good definition of worry is “a circle of thought whirling around a pivot of fear.” Sure, I find myself worrying at times, but when I think of how far fear will get me, I start trying to finagle a way out. This is where that Boy Scout motto comes in handy. Be prepared. Please, get prepared, stay prepared and then prepare some more.

See you next time!


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