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Old Fashioned Toy Still Works
By Relic

Tired of "love in the afternoon" on your passive pacifier? And there sit all the little children, wallowing in the miseries (and immoralities) of modern life as served up to them each day. When mama watches her favorite soaps, there sit all the little preschoolers, drinking it in as a fact of life.

(Yes, I know. We are all conservative survivalists, but who knows who may read this... Maybe it can do a bit to help others.)

Have you wondered how to get them involved in a truly creative pastime without paying a small fortune for "educational" toys?

Great Grandma had the answer for hours of creative, imaginative fun in her sand table.

To Build A Sand Table

Build two banks of bookshelves, each 15 inches wide by 22 inches high and whatever length you  have room for. Join them back to back and top with a sheet of plywood cut to fit. Edge this with  1X2s and caulk all around. Pour on sand 1/2 inch deep.

It's not really a good idea to put the table on carpeting. You get little mounds of sand on the floor at times, but these clean up easily. A simple, but enforced, threat to remove sand table privileges insures the least mess.

With very little expense, your children are provided with endless hours of play... and have a place to keep books and other toys neat without  the added expense of bookcase and toy chest.

Provide a few small, inexpensive animals, cars, empty spools, whatever; the children will find their own things for this little world of their own creation.


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