*Illogical Logic*

How To Create A Flow Chart
By Relic

1. Start with a clearly defined goal

2. Make lists of various segments pertaining to goal (i.e. medical, foods, supplies, weapons for
self-defense, transportation, residence, cash needed, etc.)

3. Give each segment its own line to final goal (connect lines only as needed)

4. Working backwards from goal, prioritize needs (for target dates)

5. Clearly state where you are now and what you have accomplished to date.

6. Be prepared to "chop and change" parts of your pathway as your circumstances change.

7. Include personal training, education, and information on thread, interconnecting as seems to make sense.

8. Just a for instance: connected to medical: immunizations, medicines, first aid supplies, physical exam, eye exam, dental exam, physical "reconditioning," exercise... and list anything you need to accomplish in connection with that segment. (Dragoona and I have covered a wall with connecting links - looks like a "tinker-toy map gone mad.":)

9. Don't forget to add new lines as you need them. It takes a while to think of everything... and
just when you think you have it all under control, something else pops up. Don't worry about it; just
add the threads to your flow chart.

10. Give yourself a "smile and a pat on the back as you accomplish each step."


Never give up and don't get discouraged if it looks like you have too much to do. Just keep at it...

A Good Link For Household Needs Is Y2K for Women.


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