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Great Grandma's Flour
By Relic

Great-Grandma Re-Visited... again

Wheat. The staff of life. But how they do torture enriched white flour: grinding, bleaching, removing
the nutrients and putting back a little (synthetic, of course)... a swap of 25 nutrients for maybe 30%
of flour. And they have the audacity to call it "enriched?" The calories of refined flour are nearly as empty as white sugar!

Isn't it ironic that a basic cause of the French Revolution was a desire on the part of working people for a share of the newly introduced fine white flour only the gentry could afford? If they had only known, the world might have been spared Napoleon (actually, that myth has been pretty well de-bunked. The people were just plain hungry.)

But that's past history. It's the here and now we're concerned with. Great-Grandma would have   suggested grinding grain as it's needed for the most truly delicious and nutritious quality flour.

Quite honestly, she didn't have that kind of time. Her wheat was all ground into flour by the local miller in the fall. She kept it, and all her dried foods, fresh and weevil free by simply putting a few bay leaves in the bottom of her flour barrel and sealing it tightly.

Great-Grandma's flour was unrefined and unbleached, but she worked wonders with it. Not only did she make noodles and spaghetti (stored with bay leaves) but she made a very fine cake flour.

Cake Flour

To each one (1) cup of flour, add one (1) teaspoon cornstarch and 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar.

Sift five (5) times and spoon gently to measure.
Sift three (3) times with salt and baking powder before adding alternately with liquid to batter for   cakes (her Whipped Cream Cake was a heavenly delight!).


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