*Illogical Logic*

Easy to Store Summer Grapes
By Relic

Great-Grandma had grapes all winter and never heard of refrigeration. Do you want to know how  she did it?

Select nice fresh clusters, cut the ends of the stems smooth and dip in sealing wax.. Let stand one day to be sure ends are sealed and no juice seeps from the cut stems. Layer the grapes in a box alternately with cotton batting or sawdust,

In packing, do not crowd the bunches; spread sawdust over the bottom of the box, lay the grapes in carefully (one bunch at a time) all over the first layer, add more sawdust or batting, then another layer of grapes. Do this alternately until the box is full. Close the box and put it in a cool, dry place. They will stay fresh all winter.

Happy eating!!!


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