*3 Point Fork Lift*
By: Jaden
20 January 2010

I decided to build a fork lift on the back of the tractor. It would serve several purposes such as holding a sand box for winter time to act as weight and for sanding driveways, it would hold firewood for transport out of the woods (gotta do a slight modification first), it would pick up pallets so we can move heavier stuff easier etc.

So there's nothing better to build a fork lift out of than a pallet jack. I happened across a rusted up one in my scrapping adventures.

I cut all of the workings out of it leaving only the frame. I then used thick flat plate and made bolt points for the hitch to attach too. I used the torch to cut holes for the bolts. The bolts are grade 8. A friend gave me a piece that I made in to the attachment for the top link to hook to.

"Attached to the arms"

The top link is made from a chain binder that I found lying in a parking lot. I cut the hooks off and added a chain link. It works well. It's also attached with grade 8 bolts.


Dad made a box on a pallet to hold the sand. There's a cover to keep rain and snow out. The 3 point picks it up when full w/o a problem. So I can lower it to the ground to fill it and then pick it up to use as ballast.

Simple and works.


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