*The Air Compressor Cart*
By: John1lt
30 December 2022

I haven't decided where my air compressor should live full time in my garage. I have a second hand hand truck that converts to a four wheel cart so I decided to mount my compressor on the cart. Having the air compressor on a cart will allow me to move it easily around the garage and drive way. After replacing a couple of worn wheels I set the cart up.

I mounted some 2x4's to the rails with conduit hangers, could've drill some holes and used washers but I had the conduit hangers and those were cheap and easy. I then cut a piece of plywood to fit and slapped it on to make a platform for the compressor to sit on. I used some plumbers tape to strap the feet of the air compressor down, I didn't want it walking off while it was running. I did take care to position the compressor so that the drain valve was pointing in a good direction (a place I could reach it) and the controls were where I could easily see and use them.

I originally planned to mount a hose real on the cart to keep the hose nice and tidy. I changed my mind and decided to mount a bucket to keep the hose and other accessories in. I used some fender washers and screwed it down. I also drilled a 2 ½" inch hole near the bottom on the side of the bucket so I could run the hose thru and connect it to the compressor without having to pull the entire hose out of the bucket.

Along with the 50 feet of air hose I keep 15 feet extension cord in the bucket so no matter where in my garage or driveway I need the air compressor I can quickly set it up and go to work.


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