*Baby Changing Pad Sit Upon*
By: Rivendell
28 August 2003

Now that the young one is out of diapers don’t through away those Ruberized changing pads. Mrs. R. has a great way to recycle them.

Materials needed.

Large changing pad

cotton batting

cammo cloth

water proof fabric glue


Measure the pad and subtract ¼ inch per side. Then cut the batting by that measurement. Example: ( For a pad 36 inches by 24 inches cut the batting 35 ½ inches by 23 ½ inches.) Depending on the batting thickness you may want to use a couple layers.

Lay pad rubber side down and place batting on top. Fold in half and seal edges with fabric glue.

Next cut out cammo material ½ inch larger per side as the pad dimensions.

Example: ( For a pad 36 inches by 24 inches cut the cloth 37 inches by 25 inches.)

Fold material pattern side IN and sew around two of the open sides. Turn right side out and place finished pad inside and sew the remaining side.

The one I use was made ten years ago and is still great. It rolls up and fits in a cargo pocket of cammy pants with ease.

That is it.. About a half an hour work recycle an old item then enjoy a dry rear end next hunt or hike.

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