*Bathroom Ceiling Fan Install*
By: Eli
09 January 2013

We chose to have a heat lamp/fan combo in our bathroom ceiling. Installing it was easy.

I simply decided where I wanted it and drilled a hole through the sheetrock and then poked a piece of wire up through it so I could find it in the insulation up in the attic. Then in the attic I cut the insulation where the wire was to expose the sheetrock and strapping. Then I simply placed the fan in between and traced it with a pencil and then used a sheetrock saw to cut out the hole.

Tracing the fan & my proper supervision.

I wired it up first following the directions as to which wire controls what in the unit and then set it in the hole and screwed in the mounting bars and that's all there is to installing it. All that's left now is to connect a duct to it and run it through the exterior wall, which I will be doing soon. It's that easy.

Probably most people with a little bit of handyman knowledge could handle this project.


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