*Degassing Beans*
By: Stats
27 February 2022

In case you didn't know, you can remove the "gas" causing sugars from beans by using baking soda.

Note: Use the BIGGEST pot you have for this "degassing" process, another large pot or bowl to skim off the foam. Have a large ladle or smaller plastic bowl to scoop out the foam.

What I do is get the dry beans to a boil with just enough water to cover them about 2".

Cut the stove heat to low.

I'll add 1 heaping TBL of baking soda. Add about half of it at time.

There will be a foaming action like no other coming up the pot.

Not as bad as Mentos n coke, but it will foam very aggressively and turn all kinds of colors ... depending on the beans used.

Then it's "scoop as fast as needed" to prevent the foam from rolling over the pot edge.

Add the rest of the baking soda as needed, monitor and skim foam as needed.

I'll let the mixture rest for about an hour to soften the beans about 3/4 thru.

Drain beans into a colander, rinse the beans,. Add beans back to the pot, cover w water, heat up the beans, til hot, drain rinse.

I do this rinse process 3 times. You'll see the "sediment" rinse off the beans and the third time the water should be relatively clear.

Add your ingredients and cook to desired consistency.

This should take away a LOT of the gas pain from eating beans.

Bon Appetizer


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