*Beast In The Attic*
By: Sasquatch
14 March 2011

I work nights, so I don't hear many of the noises my house makes at night. My wife, hears them all. So initially when she started hearing something running overhead at night, I figured it was just the wind, or maybe a squirrel on the roof.

Then I went into the garage, and heard something scamble for cover. I also smelled SOMETHING. Next day, the Missus went to the garage and SAW a BEAST jump into the rafters, with HUGE hind legs.

Our house has a single ridgeline, with attached garage. The attic is separated from the garage by sheetrock. So a critter in the garage rafters could make a hole in the sheetrock and have access to the attic. Also, the attic is unusable to humans, as the joists are latticework, which is cheaper and allows a lower roof profile. Pretty sure I found the hole.

Turns out that a guy down the block is retired from pest control. We went to his door at 6AM (creeped out his wife!) and told him our problem. He came and scouted around a bit. Said it was either a racoon or a fox. We have both in the neighborhood. He brought over a live trap, and placed it in the garage "attic" baited with a can of tuna.

When our neighbor returned in the evening, the beast was caught. One VERY enraged CAT.

This spring, the garage gets cleaned out completely. That smell is a killer!

Lesson learned by wife: close the garage door immediately.

Lesson learned by me: get a live trap to complement the body traps I already have.

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