*Carpenter Ants In The Beehive*
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29 April 2021

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Subject: Carpenter ants in the beehive

I've found some large black carpenter ants in my beehives several times recently. Amdro around the legs didn't stop them at all.

I got some really cheap 5 gallon buckets. I'm going to shorten them to about 12" tall, and get a friend to help lift the hives. 2" of used motor oil in the bottom of each bucket should make a good ant-stopping moat. No vegetation around to use as a bridge.

Subject: I've been using a healthy layer of DE.

You have to later it thick and/or reapply regularly, but it's much healtier for the bees than pesticides. I'm curious to see how your oil moats work out for you.

Subject: First Saturday Lime

First Saturday Lime, I think it's just lime with DE in it, but it's safe for bees, chickens and dogs but not good for buggy critters.

Subject: Diatomaceous earth...........

ants will not cross it- it cuts them up something fierce and kills them.

Subject: Re: Carpenter ants in the beehive

The oil should work.

I've used DE with success and also cinnamon.

Subject: So far...

...I'm seeing more bees active dancing outside the hive than I did a week or two ago. It could be the weather, or it could be relief of ant pressure.

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