*Cheep household construction filter fan*
By: Mudhound
20 January 2010

In the process of remodeling my house I am putting in some egress windows in the basement for the kids bedrooms. After cutting the first hole in the block wall and filling the entire house with concrete dust I figured I needed a way to take care of the dust issue. I came up with the idea of putting a filter on the intake side of a standard household box fan.

1. I measured the size of my fan and found that a 20x20 filter would fit it perfectly, I went out to the local big box store and they did not have a 20x20 but they hade a 20x25 witch I could easily make it work.

2. I took the filter out of the bag and lined it up to the intake side of the fan (just make sure the filter is flowing the correct way). Then I used the handymanís best friend (duct tape) and secured and seal it to the fan.

3. Since the filter was a bit taller then the fan I took some tape and covered the front of the filter to prevent dust from bypassing it.

I used this with the next two windows along with putting up some plastic to make a little room around the work area. This cut down the dust by over 98% all clouds of dust created by the cutoff saw were easily kept in check by this. I also have used this in the area of doing other dusty dirty work. One other point is use paper filters donít use the fiberglass ones they are completely useless and donít cut down on the dust at all. When I start to notice a loss of air flow I change out the filter with a clean one.

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