*Christmas wrap storage boxes*
Use all that spare space
By: Roadgrime
25 February 2007

In our ever continuing search for more storage we have built shelves, downsized things we donít need. Reorganized our storage and any number of other weekend projects to try and get us some space in order to lay in more preps. Needless to say a years worth of food takes A LOT of space. Recently the wife came across these boxes up at Kmart that are intended for putting up Christmas wrap and ornaments.

At $3.50 per boxes they are inexpensive compared to plastic boxes of a similar size for 10-15$ each. Additionally they fit well in a space that always seems to be tough to fillÖ. Under the beds.

This is under the Sons bed and you can see we put the box together inside out however they donít fold so well. And since they will be covered with bedding anyways we decided just to fold them with the Christmas decorations on the outside.

We filled up a few of them with cans as they hold about 50 cans and there is space for other odds and ends like soap packs of paper most anything flat.

We wrote on the ends of them what was in the boxes. Since the boxes are pretty heavy with cans we put the cans on the bottom and then filled the top ones with light things like paper towels sheets etc. In the end they worked pretty well and are certainly neater than trying to just cram stuff under the beds.

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