*Cheap Christmas Tree Stand*
By: Mudhound
23 December 2010

After getting rid of the old fake Christmas tree last year we decided to go with a real tree this year. We were in need of a tree stand but with the funds tight we did not want to go out and buy one if we did not need to. While the wife was talking to her mom her mom had the idea to build a stand out of a five gallon bucket.

What you need is:

  1. A clean five gallon bucket.

  2. About 60lb of sand.

  3. One Christmas tree.

Take the tree and cut off enough branches so only the stump will be in the bucket. Then cut off about three inches off of the stump to expose the non-dried out wood. Dump about 1-2in of sand in the bucket, stick the tree in the center of the bucket and while someone is holding the tree strait fill with the rest of the sand till about two inches from the top. Do this were you plan on having the tree it is a pain to move when done. Then when done fill with water. I filled it with in an inch of the top. It took about two gallons of water to get to that level. This is VERY sturdy and even with dogs and kids running into the tree it does not even come close to tipping over. Enjoy and merry Christmas.


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