*Condiments Bag*
By: Landwire
09 November 2009

When out camping, either with the trailer or backpacking, I like to carry a small condiments bag. It is nothing more than a small Ziploc back filled with the freebie condiments you find at many restaurants, café and/or coffee shop. They are small enough to have one in the BOV as well as your pack.

Why carry one? You never know when you are going to need it of course. Sometimes you are a few miles past the drive-through and realized they forgot the ketchup. No worries, you got some in your car. Coffee a little bland, add some sugar.

Being serious here, a lot of food tastes better with some sort of condiment. Honey on the cornbread, mustard on the fries, ketchup on the hotdog, etc… Great tasting food helps improve the moral. They can also turn yucky, I don’t want to eat “that,” into something a little more digestible.

Where to find what?

Honey – KFC and other chicken places that serves biscuits / cornbread

Ketchup – Just about anywhere

Mustard – Hotdogs stands and Café

Mayo – Cafés

Salt / Pepper – Just about anywhere

Parmesan cheese / Peppers – Pizza Places

Lemon Juice – Many fish eateries

Soy Sauce – Oriental style eateries

Every time I go out to eat, I like to grab a few extra and rotate them into my kit. Just as long as you grab a few, no one notices. Bonus points if you come across wet napkins/ towelletes.

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