*Expiration Dates on DAK Canned Hams*
By: Vertex
14 december 2006

There was a discussion on the Basic Board regarding different ham brands. I have a lot of the DAK stuff so I thought I would contact the manufacture for some shelf-life info.

For those of you that have that brand here is how you tell how old it is or how much longer you have on the shelf-life. They are pretty proud of their 5 year life (If properly stored, they don't "really" go bad. The date is actually a "best used by" date)

There are a series of numbers on the bottom of the can that you can use to figure it out.
On one of my cans I have the numbers: 6039...350...0914. The 6039 is the key number. The 6 is the year of manufacture and the 039 is the 39th day of 2006. That means my can of ham was made February 8th, 2006 and expires February 8th 2011. Pretty cool huh? The rest of the numbers are just lot designations of no importance to me. And.....now you know.. :o)

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