*Diaper Bags*
By: Texan
02 January 2007

The smallest diaper bag we have is a shoulder bag about the size of a gallon jug, we use it when we are not leaving civilization and the car is near with the medium bag in it. The small bag contains 3 diapers and a small wipes box, two meals, powdered formula, one change of clothes, trash bags, toy, cheerios container, changing pad, epinephrine kit, children’s Benadryl/Tylenol/Motrin/Dimetapp cold, 2 bottles with water. Hanging on the outside could be a hip carrier/mosquito net/toy/cold gear bag depending upon the situation.

We have second medium size baby bag that is a backpack; it carries the same supplies just more of them, Desetin cream and a first aid kit is added.

The largest bag we have is a large drag along suitcase; it carries one week of food/diapers/wipes, 0.3 micron water filter and a portable crib/playpen/sheets/clothes. Anything that is breakable/crushable such as glass or plastic food containers are secured in Tupperware. We keep all three bags stocked at all times.

In the winter we have a cold weather bag for her that fits in a small backpack. This bag has a full snow suit with a thick jumpsuit/socks/gloves/cap. We attach it to the outside of what ever bag we are using or leave it in the car.

If you are going to go through the trouble to store powdered milk in your bag, use formula instead of nonfat powdered milk. It has all the nutrients they need and it is high in fat unlike regular milk.

We keep the umbrella stroller in the car at all times and use the large stroller when we expect to be out for more than a few hours. The large stroller is great for carrying lots of stuff and reclining all the way down so she can sleep.

We keep recent family photographs (head shots) with contact information in the bags, purse/wallet and stroller.

We keep a few months worth of a variety of OTC and prescription medications both for adults and children. Tell your doctor you are taking a trip to some exotic location to get an antibiotic prescription. (Augmentin is probably the best all around antibiotic for small children, if possible have the doctor prescribe it unmixed in its powder form so it lasts longer, just remember to keep it with some sterile water to mix it with when you need it.) If your child has been sick in the past and needed an antibiotic you may know when to give the antibiotics otherwise due some research to make sure you do not waste the antibiotics on a viral infection or some other problem that does not respond to antibiotics.

Toys, books and a portable DVD player are a must for keeping the child happy.

Adult and child bug spray are a necessity as is suntan lotion with high SPF but remember to test it on your child ahead of time to see if they are allergic to it. It will not be fun if the only spray/lotion you have makes your child break out, itch or worse

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