*Florida Freeze Preps*
By: 2manytoyz
13 January 2014

Yeah, it sometimes gets cold here in central Florida. Freeze warning, just for tonight; it'll be in the 80s again by the weekend.

Most of my vegetation can take the short lived cold spell, but the young mango trees will die easily.

I made a simple teepee using three pieces of scrap wood and a tied wrap at the top.

A cloth drop cloth was draped over the frame, and attached with clothes pins.

Inside each teepee is a 75W incandescent bulb. A CFL bulb produces so little heat; it doesn't protect the tree (FNV!).

I'm using Christmas light controllers to turn the bulbs at dusk, off at dawn.

I still have a tomato plant producing maters, so I covered it too. I need to add a little more protection around the base, but you get the idea.

These were harvested this afternoon:

Hitting 32 degrees is BIG news here! LOL Long pants tomorrow, shorts & flip flops by Saturday.


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