*FoodSaver Gasket Cleaning*
By: Pyrotech
15 January 2006

We bought our Tilia FoodSaver back in July; this is the second one I have used over the years.

Thatís why I was disappointed with the new one. It NEVER worked right from day one. Sometimes it would pull a good vacuum other times barely. It would also go times without ever sealing.

So I called up their customer service center and told them about this.

They asked me if I had tried cleaning the gasket, and how I cleaned it. Told them that I had cleaned it, and used a damp sponge to wipe it off.
At this point the customer service rep asked when I bought it and requested the Serial number. She was going to send out a replacement lower gasket.

One little problem, No gaskets in stock. So she asked me to try cleaning the gasket one more time, following her directions, and if it failed to call back and get a replacement unit.

I was told to remove the gasket and to soak it in warm water with a pea size drop of soap, and to work the soapy water into the gasket and then rinse it off and to let the gasket sit on the counter to air-dry 24 hours. She said that was a very important step, Let it dry 24 hours before reinstalling it.


Today I tried the machine after following her steps, and it saved the lower gasket. For the first time since having this unit it was able to crush a can.

I was kinda surprised they where willing to replace the whole machine just because they where out of stock on gaskets. But I was told if the gasket cleaning failed this time they would send a brand new unit to replace this one.

This is one company that stands behind their product, and their support service was excellent, I was given the number and the name of the agent so I could call back if there was any more trouble.

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