*Pressure Canning on Glass Top Stoves*
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29 September 2022

The following subject comes up often enough that it seemed like a good topic for an article. A Rubicon member posed this question on the "Back to Basics board". The question and member responses (slightly edited) are shown below.

Subject:Glass top stoves and heavy
pressure canners? Our "new" house has those glass top stoves. Last year we were still busy moving and I didn't attempt any canning. I am wondering if anyone here has done this successfully. Thanks!

Subject:Wouldn't do it! ctx
I tried it back in the late '80s without knowing what would happen. I guess the word hadn't gotten out yet. It was the first one I'd ever used because they were still kind of a new thing.

I cracked that puppy from corner to corner. Fortunately, the weather was still warm enough that I could cook on the outdoor charcoal grill and in the microwave for a week until we got a new stove.

Subject:Re: Glass top stoves and heavy
The original instruction manual for our old glass-top stove did not say anything about it. I wasn't convinced it was ok so I didn't try it. But later I downloaded a newer PDF version of the manual for the same stove and the new version specifically said "Don't". The manual for our new stove says "Don't".

Apparently part of the problem is the higher operating temperature of a pressure canner traps more heat than a normal vented stock pot; the higher glass temperature combined with the extra weight and longer canning times stresses the glass.

One alternative is to get a free-standing propane side-burner for a gas grill and run it on a 5 gallon tank outside. Big box stores have them for reasonable prices.

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