*Freezing Grapes*
An Alternative to Canning
By: Spitfire
29 April 2020

We like fresh grapes but due to Covid-19 are limiting trips to the grocery store to near zero. Additionally, we foresee a time in the future when fresh produce may not be available at all.

Wifee decided to try freezing whole grapes and it worked great! Simply wash in water, dry off and freeze in a plastic bag.

Short term in a regular sandwich bag.

Long term in a sandwich bag and then in a vacuum bag. (Pulse the vacuum sealer to avoid crushing the grapes)

Out of the freezer and ready to eat, uh, I already ate a bunch of them, they're fantastic frozen!

We eat them frozen and they can be thawed out for use in salads, etc with minimal degradation in texture (more firm than canned Fruit Cocktail but not as firm as fresh).


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