*Garden Hail Screens*
By: TexasOk
29 April 2018

Recent weather events (May 2019) and subsequent crop damage in many areas of the world suggest republishing this article from the Member's-Only section might be appropriate. The original article is unchanged so the publication date carried over.

Nothing is worse to spend time in a garden only to have a hail storm or flock of birds to destroy your hardwork in just minutes. What if you were depending on this crop to put food on the table for your family to survive ?

Here is how I built some self supporting hail screens to protect 2 16' rows of onions from a hail storm using 2 50" by 16' livestock panels and a roll of 40" black metal hardware screen.

Tools needed for the project

The pointed ends will push into the soil and support the screens when installed.

When installed the screen should rest on the cut livestock panels.

These will fold flat and will last many seasons as needed to protect delicate plants from hail storms or birds while still allowing rain and sunlight to take care of the plants and help you protect your food supply.

Before install

After install


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