*Keeping The Kids Sane*
By: Quick68
22 December 2005

If your survival plans include kids, I would recommend running some real time trials to see what it takes to satisfy them when they start getting bored. If we have to bug out, it will include my wife and 6 month old son and myself along with my brother, his wife and their kids, a 8 year old boy and 13 year old girl.

We take our travel trailers and go to state parks or our retreat location fairly often just to relax and to test out new equipment. From the experiences I would suggest that if you have room and finances to get a couple of game boys or some equivalent and rechargeable batteries along with a solar charger. Books and games that they play or read while at home are also included in our stores.

Currently in our case my niece can stay happy for hours playing with my son, and my nephew is happy to play catch or beat around in the woods, but an i-pod with some favorite song is always a good distraction for them.

When it come down to serious survival time, you donít need or want the distraction of WE ARE BORED!

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