*Kelty Kid Carriers*
By: Seven

Being a survivalist with a family of six is not nearly as romantic as the media persona of a rough and tumbles character in camo and an ALICE pack. We have diapers, sippee cups, and animal crackers that we travel with. And if you have ever walked farther then a mile with your 1 and 2 year old as well as keeping track of the 7 and 8 year olds you know the problems of traveling on foot for any great distance. We have owned multiple strollers. Singles, Doubles, side by side, tandem, and off road strollers. Strollers are very good at transporting children. Yet they have some drawbacks. The most obvious is not being able to handle rough terrain. Others include maneuverability, awkwardness in large crowds, and they are not attached to you. We accidentally ran into Kelty K.I.D. Carriers. We were planning a trip to Disney Land and were exploring some of the child carriers available at baby stores. I was unimpressed with the quality and they were very uncomfortable. My wife’s friend saw my Kelty pack in the garage and said she had seen some carriers made by them. A quick trip to the Internet confirmed this and really excited me. Look at the picture and you will see why.

First let me say I have been a fan of Kelty suspension system for years. The carriers are all great. There are two cargo areas for 1800 in of space plus pockets and daisy chains. Plus it can become rain proof with the hood and pull down curtains. And it includes a built in 1-˝ liter hydration system. I have carried 25 pounds of kid plus an additional 30 pounds of supplies for 5 hours straight. This is not a testament to my back packing skills but to the comfort of the pack.

We purchased two packs one for me and one for my wife and have had them for 2 years. We bought the second before our youngest child was born. We have used them in the country as well as the city and consider it some of the best money we have spent. I hope a survival situation keeps us from being on foot, but if it happens we are mobile and can travel at relatively good pace with enough supplies to get to our retreat.

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