*An Improved Lazysusan*
By: TooshieGalore
04 June 2015

I love how a lazysusan can make storage areas efficient in the garage, kitchen and craftroom. I hate that they don't have sides, which allows contents to fly off, after a robust swing. Plus, they cost way too much for the flimsy things they are.

I used 9" round baking pans. I don't bake often, thus they have been only an item to store. I also had a bag of marbles. I don't know why must be left over from a long forgotten project.

I put the marbles in one pan and set the second pan on top of the marbles. The top pan rotates like a lazysusan and the sides keep everything on board even when rotated at Mach speed. Now my pans are out of storage and put to good use until I have a baking need.

I liked it so much I went to the Dollar Tree, purchased every round baking pan on the shelf and several bags of marbles. Total cost was $3 for each improved-lazy-susan.


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