*Using New, Old Canning Lids*
Are NOS Lids OK To Use?
By: Spitfire
31 August 2020

One of the results of Covid-19 is a shortage of canning supplies, especially the flat metal lids. We found a bunch of New Old Stock (NOS) lids in our long term storage but I really didn't know if they would be viable or not - some of these "new" lids went back to 1984! Storage conditions were dry with temperatures varying from 60F to 85F.

So, while we have the pressure canner out I decided to test a small sample of them to see if they would seal properly. They did! I filled pint jars with water, applied the lids and rings, marked the date I bought the lids and the date I processed and pressure canned at 15psi for 1 hour. You can see the results in the pictures below.

So, it looks like NOS canning jar lids work fine, at least the brands I tested. Before we re-use old lids we can use our NOS lids with confidence.


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