*Grow Onions in your Bathroom!*
Indoor Gardening
By: 1-BackDR
10 April 2008

How would you like to have fresh green onions year round at you finger tips? Well you can with very little effort and a small amount of planning. Go to you local gardening, farm supply, hardware store or even Wally World in the spring any buy some onion sets. If you can find the in bulk they are usually cheaper. When purchasing choose set, that are solid and firm. The larger set will store longer and are usually a little cheaper but the small sets will give you more per pound. Find a growing container that will fit in any sunny window sill that is convient to your kitchen. Our bathroom window works well because the sill is wide, faces east and is next to the kitchen. Put about 1 inch if gravel (from our driveway) in to your container and fill to about 1 inch from the top with dirt, sand, compost, literally what ever you can dig up. Push your onion sets root end down into the “soil” shoulder to shoulder, as many as you can fit in. They should be just barely covered. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. In about 2 weeks you should have some small tender green onions. As you harvest, thin the onions out to give them more room as they grow. You might want to start a new batch about once a month depending on how many you use and how large your container is.

For year round production you will need to store your onion sets for subsequent plantings because they are usually only available in the spring. Store your sets in a paper bag so they can breath. A cool dark dry place is best. The crisper in the fridge works well for me. Too wet and they will rot, too dry (regular part of fridge) and they dry out to fast and not grow. The larger set will keep the longest, so I buy these for long term storage and use the smaller ones for the first few months of production.

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