*Green Onion Hack*
By: Stats
27 February 2022

If you cut your green onions about 2" above the roots and stick them in water, they will regrow into a new onion.

I know..I like the white part of the onion as well. Cutting it lower will take a bit longer to grow. I use g. onion for my soups n eggs.

I read about this hack for regrowing green onions and decided to try it. I've been very surprised with the results.

I put these 2 bunches of onions in the glass. Bunched them together with the rubber bands they came with.

I set them in some distilled water. It sits on the counter.. even better results in a window sill.

I change the water every 3-4 days.

This is about a 5 days worth- see pic...about an 1-1.5" of growth.

Transplant into a pot and trim down as/when needed and it'll regrow time n time again.

I never knew til now.

Day 3

7 days. I'm impressed.


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