*Easy Temporary Opaque Windows*
By: John1lt
30 May 2023

Last fall I had an insulated garage door installed. My wife wanted glass windows on one side. We agreed to see how it looked after it was installed, she wanted clear glass and I wanted at least some sort of frosted glass. After it was installed my wife agreed that we should make the glass more difficult to see thru; ideas included having an artist neighbor paint the windows with nature scenes, painting the windows white our selves, etching them ourselves, making stained glass inserts. Our favorite is the stained glass inserts or having nature scenes painted on the windows, both are cost prohibitive right now. I did think about etching the glass myself but I am not sure if the etching acid will ruin the seals on the double pane windows in the garage door.

The windows are approximately 10 inches tall and 30 inches wide so I decided to take a roll of wax paper from the kitchen and tape the wax paper over the window. This makes it impossible to see thru the window and it still allows light thru, the only reason I agreed to windows in the garage door. If the light is on inside the garage you can still see shadows of items close to the door but at least it is no longer a clear view for unwanted eyes.


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