*The Sad Tale of Peas and Beans*
By: myrtlemaye
5 July 12

I even got my pea seeds in the ground in a timely manner this year and watched hopefully for a couple of weeks - Nada, zilch, nothing. OK, I seed again and watch - one little sprout. I'm discouraged at this point and decide not to plant the peas again. Moving forward a few weeks, I decide to try green beans in the same spot and yep - nada. I then notice, as I am cultivating a little, that there are small subterranean tunnels that go back under the concrete slab of the building where the garden plot is located. Definitely an "Ah Haaaaa/light bulb moment." I'm thinking there is some little ole critter living under the slab who is digging out and eating my seeds from under the ground.

So, I got some 1/4 inch welded wire and made some approximately 6 inch, and 6 inch by the length of the wire, troughs. After that, I dug a trench the same dimensions, put the troughs in the trenches, and moved the soil back into the wire leaving a little bit of the wire sticking up above the soil level. Then, with hopeful expectations, I re-replanted my beans.

Wunderbar and Hot Diggity Dog! All, or most, of my beans have sprouted and with some warmer weather are going great guns.

It is nice to win one for a change.


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