*Everyday Carry: The Pen Light*
By: John1lt
29 February 2024

For years I carried a penlight in one of my pockets. After obtaining a cell phone with a flashlight function I stopped carrying a pen light. After a few years I decided carrying a pen light was a good idea even with a cell phone flashlight app. Have you ever tried to hold your cellphone in your mouth while needed to use both hands? A pen light is not the optimum light source, I use it for convenience. Something to have on hand when I need a little more light. I have one in my pocket so if the lights go out in an unfamiliar setting I can move around with less risk of injury and see to get to my better lights, headlamp and handheld flashlights.

The two penlights I carry are the MAG Solitare, uses 1 AAA battery that I purchased years ago, it’s about 1/2 inch in diameter and a little over 3 inches long with a short lanyard to attach to a key ring. The other was issued to me by my employer and is a Streamlight Sylus Pro, uses 2 AAA batteries, is about 5/8 inch in diameter and about 5 1/2 inches long.


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