*That Warning on the Bottom of Pyrex Bake Ware*
By: John1lt
29 December 2013

You know that warning on the bottom of Pyrex Ovenware / Bake ware? The one that says "NOT FOR RANGETOP NO BROILER". Well, I can tell you from experience that at least the NOT FOR RANGTOP means what it says. So, I am not going to test the NO BROILER part.

Many moons ago, about 20 years of moons ago, the dishwasher was broken and the other one, my wife, was sick. So, I figured since the few pots we owned were dirty I would just take one of those round Pyrex casserole bowls and use it as a pot; they made pots out of the same stuff right? (Not the same stuff apparently.) I wanted some Pasta Roni, so onto the gas stovetop it went. I got away with it for one box and was still hungry, so I decided to make a second box. Fortunately I left the kitchen to take care of something and, shortly after leaving the kitchen, I heard a pop and the sound of shattering glass hitting the floor.

I rushed back to the kitchen and turned off the gas burner that was now flameless, since it was doused by water and milk. While cleaning up the mess, I thought about what happened. Reasoning that the Pyrex survived the first round, I figured I must have shocked the glass. Maybe the water and milk was too cold and the glass still too warm. That made sense to me, so I grabbed another one of my wife's round Pyrex casserole bowls and threw another box of Pasta Roni water and milk on the gas range top. Then I sat down in the living room to watch TV while I waited for the water and milk to boil.

A very short time later I heard a second pop and shattering glass hitting the floor. I knew instantly that I had blown up another one of the round Pyrex casseroles dishes. Oops! I guess my theory was wrong.

After cleaning up a second mess, I decided I wasn't so hungry that I couldn't wait to eat until after a few dishes were washed by hand.

I tell this so that no one else will be tempted to try the same thing, now or post fan, destroying good dishes and wasting food.


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