*Rubies Taking Care of Rubies*
Wheel Chair Ramp & Bathroom Door Widening
By: Jaden
JohnH2Os, Blackhawk, Raider1, Turchin, Duckman, Raidyn

1 May, 2008

One thing that separates the Rubicon from the ordinary run of the mill survival websites is the fact that Rubies take care of each other and often times go out of their way to do so! Rubies have helped each other after a natural disaster, Rubies have helped each other relocate and find jobs in new areas, Rubies have saved other Rubies lives and the list goes on. One good example of this is the story which you are about to read.

One particular lady we have in the Rubicon recently suffered a stroke. This lady spends hours every single day digging up news for the Rubicon’s News Board. She is held in high regard by many Rubies. When we received the word that she would need a wheel chair ramp and a wider bathroom door at home, the Rubicon made it happen. A Rubicon work party (RWP) was formed and a date was set. A collection was taken up and the money was raised to purchase the materials. Not one penny has come out of her pocket!

An important fact to point out is that ½ of the work crew have never met this lady including JohnH2OS who traveled 1,100 miles for the RWP. During the road trip this was discussed. His reason for showing up was “She’s a Rubie”. He has been on the boards 9 months, has met 50 Rubies w/o attending a major Rubicon function and is already blending in with the cobwebs. Most people who’ve been here 9 months are still being felt out on the boards and maybe have a handful of face to faces under their belt. It’s rare that somebody like him and Spike come along.

Another fact is that some of us have never met each other in person before so it was our first face to face. It’s amazing to watch Rubies in this situation click together like clockwork and pull off a project like this in less than a day. Nobody barked orders, different people had different strong and weak areas and we learned from each other.

On Friday afternoon John, Raider and I all met at Sierra & Duff’s house. John had already driven 200 miles. We then loaded up Sierra and Duff’s Tahoe and drove 4.5 hours to Blackhawk and Ladybug’s house to crash for the night. Early Saturday morning we struck out for another 2.5 hour drive to the work site. Turchin, Raidyn and Duckman met us there and they also had traveled some distance.

On to the project -

The ramp design was planned out and was designed to be big enough for an ambulance cot to be able to easily use. While John and Blackhawk ran to the lumber yard, the rest of us dug the holes for the 4x4 posts.

The beginning
John, Raider and Blackhawk
The perceived ramp and deck
Duckman digging

Turchin wins the “worked like a maggot award”. He and Raidyn took on the doorway project while we worked on the ramp. He then stayed to help with the ramp. Unfortunately due to prior obligations, Raidyn and Duckman had to leave mid-afternoon. He also wins the “most amount of tools in the smallest vehicle” award. He arrived in a Subaru Outback and commenced to unload a wood shop. He had a compound miter saw WITH table, skill saw, hand tools, stuff, more stuff and even a weed whacker. The rest of us stood there in disbelief seeing all the stuff he had packed in that thing.

We strightened them... honest
Blackhawk & John leveling
Me doing something
John and Blackhawk working on the deck
Blackhawk using Turchin's workshop
Me running stringers
Blackhawk doing concrete
Raider and Turchin cutting railing angles
Blackhawk testing it
The finished project

After the wood dries, it will be painted and have sand sprinkled on it for traction.

Here’s Turchin’s and Raidyn’s handy work. They widened out the bathroom doorway and moved the light switches. Except for a couple of pieces of case molding it looks like it was built that way.



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