*Simple Pole Saw Storage*
By: John1lt
27 February 2022

I have a pole saw that always seems to be in the way when not needed. I seldom use the saw but find it much more convenient to have one around when needed then to borrow or rent one when needed. After browsing youtube videos I found a solution that will work for me.

I have a corner in the garage that just seems to be a gathering place for long slender items, pipes, fence T post, long handle tools such as rakes, shovels, post hole digger all seem to wander over and congregate in this one corner then tangle themselves together so that pulling one item out of this menagerie sets several other items sliding down or tipping over. The one tool that seem to tangle itself with more items was the pole saw. Since it's pruning saw blade made it taller than the ceiling height even when shortened to it's shortest it sat at such an angle as to entangle it self with the maximum number of other items in the corner.

The solution I found was to screw 2 small sections of PVC pipe to the the ceiling joist and slide the pole saw into the pipe sections to hang out of the way overhead.

I had wanted to use 4 inch PVC pipe but I didn't have any and didn't feel like it was worth the risk of catching the cootie virus going to the hardware or big box store for a short section of 4 inch PVC pipe. I had some 2 inch PVC pipe and it was more than big enough to slip the pole saw in.

My original plan was to cut off a few inches of pipe, drill a hole in one side large enough to slip a screw thru into a pilot hole on the opposite side of the pipe and screw the piece to a ceiling joist; a second piece would have a section of the side cut out making a C shape to hold the other end of the pole saw. You would slide the bottom end of the pole into the intake section of pipe and then put the top end of the pole into the side of the C section of pipe and the bottom of the C would cradle and hold the pole saw in place. I change the design a little after I made the first cut for the C piece. When I made the cut the pipe clamped the cut completely closed. Since I didn't know how much the C would close up after making the second cut possibly making the C too small to hold the pole saw so I decided to just heat the pipe with a propane torch and bend the side up making more of a J vs a C. This would give me enough plastic to screw the pipe to a ceiling joist and enough cradle in the bottom of the J to solidly hold the pole saw.

Here some pictures to give you a good idea of how I put it together.

I think this is the best solution for storing my pole saw. Now to do more work on that corner.


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