*Pocket Sewing Kit*
By: Ironmike
25 February 2008

So I was sewing up a bag to protect the screen of my GPS today and I was cursing the fact that my sewing kit was too big. I had some little spools of thread from a sewing kit I bought when I was in the service years ago, but I went through those a long time ago.

The spool of thread is mostly wasted space. I was thinking of ways to cut out the center and then insert a bottle of some type for needles etc, but then changed my thinking. I decided to make the spool smaller.

I started out with a bic pen, which I then cut in half.

I then flared the ends on it and made two cuts. Cut #1 was for starting the thread on the bobbin, and #2 was for the thread to be held on when I was done.

I took the chuck off the tip of my dremel and screwed the bobbin onto my dremel. After that I hand wound the thread around the bobbin for about 3 turns.

I adjusted my dremel to the lowest speed and turned it on. I carefully guided the thread onto the bobbin, ensuring that it was wound evenly from one side to the other. I need to give you two words of caution at this point. First, the thread can give you a nasty rope burn if you grip it too tight. Secondly, if the thread isnít controlled carefully, the thread can wind around the threading on the dremel. If this happens, stop and unwind it by hand.

I stuck a small cork into one end of the bobbin for a pin cushion and then stuck my sewing needles into the cork from the other side.

When I was all finished I shoved it into a pill bottle with other sewing equipment I might need.


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