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Easy Box Method
By: Spitfire
30 September 2023

So, do you know what common items and food your family uses in a month? Here's an easy way to find out!

Get a good sized cardboard box and write "Monthly" and the date you start counting on the outside of it. Every time you use something, toss the empty into the box (you'll want to rinse/wash out empty food items of course – we don't need a stinky box). At the end of 30 days, get a piece of paper, write the start date and the stop date at the top and start recording. Your tally sheet might look something like this:

Item Quantity Used Time Period
Toilet Paper 5 rolls 1 month
Milk 4 gallons 1 month
Ground Beef 2 pounds 1 month
Canned Peach Slices 1 can 1 month
Mac & Cheese 6 boxes 1 month

Things like Toilet Paper, you'd just toss in the empty roll. Boxed goods you might want to just rip the top off and toss that in the box instead of the entire package. Ditto labels on canned goods that come off easily. If you have empties you don't want to go into the box and the labels don't peel off (maybe cleaning products or other chemicals and you have children or pets), just write it on a slip of paper and toss that in instead.

Obviously some things will not be used up in a month and the one month box would miss them. For instance in our house a jar of Peanut Butter lasts 2 months and deodorant lasts 6 months. Easy enough to either start another long term box or you can write the date you opened the product on the lid and when it runs out, toss it in your box then. I hope this article gave you some food for thought and thanks for the read.


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