*July is Grain Month*
By: Stryder
08 June 2005

July was a horrible month for me personally and professionally! I wont go into the details other than to say - thanks for be patient and for being my friends. July for me was grain month. Grain is very important to the overall storage plan and is generally considered one of the basics to start with and to keep well supplied. I have not been regular with this posting and I feel I have let folks down but I will get caught up and stay on track. Prior monthís suggestions are on my web page at http://www.alpharubicon.com/~stryder/survive.htm.

If you donít have a food storage plan going by now, I canít even imagine why and I canít imagine what to tell you to get you started.

BUY WHAT YOU EAT AND EAT WHAT YOU BUY. My thought, when I started this monthly project, was to give basic ideas and get people thinking and evaluating a single broad category of their food stores every month as I did mine. But -- Buy what works for you! If you have any spare time this month - make sure all your stock is rotated and spend a few minutes making sure nothing needs to be rotated out.

July is Grain month. The suggested goal in the literature that Iíve seen is 300 lbs. of grains per person/per year. Fifty dollars this month will buy about 190 lbs. of grain, enough for about 0.6 man-years. If youíve been following things along when Iíve posted you should be seeing that roughly $50 will buy you about 7 months worth of food for one person for that category each month. Stick with it for a year and youíll have a solid 3 month ticket of food for two people.

One #10 can of wheat = 5.8 lbs.

One #10 can of rolled oats = 3 lbs.

One gallon of wheat = 7lbs. so a 6.5 gal. pail = 50lbs.

Storage - Moisture and especially oxygen are the grain enemies! Tightly sealed with an oxy absorber, a desiccant pack and a consistent 65-75F temperature and your grain will last a LONGGGG time.

Whole Barley - 8 years

Buckwheat - 12 years (the largest buckwheat pancake ever made, about 12 feet across and flipped with a tractor, was made at Brickett Mills just up the road from me)

Whole Dry Corn - 10-12 years or indefinitely stored correctly

Lentils - 24 months from the store or indefinitely if resealed correctly

Rolled Oats - 7-8 years

White Rice - 4 years from the store or indefinitely if resealed correctly

Whole Red or White Wheat - 12-14 years or indefinitely stored correctly

If youíre going to store grain, do it right! Get some food grade plastic pails, oxy absorbers, and desiccant packs and do it right! Vacuum packing in Mylar works just as well with an oxy absorber dropped in! If youíre going to use whole grains you need a grain mill of some sort. Ask around and folks will point you to good ones but most simple hand crank models will get you started and much cheaper than the multi-stone electric model you will eventually have to trade in a gun to get. Also - use this grain on a regular basis. If you start using whole ground wheat for your bread making in a SHTF situation, I warn you that you will not like the results on your body!

Hereís my list for July:

Whole Dry Corn - 40 lbs. $12.00

Rolled Oats 50 lbs. $18.00

White Rice 50 lbs. $12.00

Hard Red Wheat 50 lbs. $ 9.00

You know the drill - If youíre good to go already with one of those suggestions, move the money and buy extra of one of the others where you're a little weak.

And if youíre completely good on grain then you might want to spend this monthís $50 on making sure youíre solid on alternate cooking fuel such as socking in some extra Coleman fuel, propane, or wood. All the food in the world does you no good if you canít eat it


Hope youíre having a great summer and getting a lot of garden food stored in too!

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