*November is Meat Month*
By: Stryder
01 November 2004

November is meat month for me. Meat is a big part of most families diet and provides much needed protien and diversity in your diet. I am greatful to Navigator who got me started hunting and there is a LOT to be said for getting your hunting/fishing/trapping license each year and putting a little (or a lot!) of meat in the freezer. But there are plenty of ways to get some "fancy store-bought" canned meat too.... And one thing I hear over and over again is take advantage of the cheap turkey prices in November and pressure can some turkey at home. I do that as well, canning up four 20+lb. birds with broth this year for about 19 cents a lb. uncooked, some canning jars and some time. Prior Month's suggestions are on my web page at http://www.alpharubicon.com/~stryder/survive.htm.

Buy what works for you! When you're thinking about meat for storage think about jerky and dried meats, canned tuna, sardines, salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, ham, chili, hash and corned beef.

November is Meat month. The sources I have say try for a goal of 40 lbs. of meat per person/per year in a balanced storage plan. Lots or your protien needs can come from plant protien such as legumes, but we all like some meat in our diets and protien depravation is someplace you don't want to go if you intend to keep a sharp, controlled mind. Fifty dollars this month will buy about 34 lbs. of meat, enough for about 0.8 man-years.

Oh, and by the way since someone asked, 16 oz. of meat weighs 1 lb.


Meat, Beef or Chicken, canned - 36-48 months

Meat, Chili, w/ or w/o beans, - indefinately (buy it without and stretch it with your own beans from last months stock)

Meat, Fish or shellfish - 18-24 months

Meat, Ham chunks or deviled indefinately

Meat, Seafood (like shrimp) - 60-80 months

Meat, Spam - indefinately

Meat, Tuna - 5-6 years

Meat, Turkey and Gravy Dinner, canned - indefinately

Meat, Vienna Sausage 30-36 months

Hormel - 1-800-523-4635 Starkist - 1-800-252-1587 Libby's - 1-888-884-7269

Here's my list for November:

12oz. Canned Corned Beef 7.5 lbs. $12.00

6 oz. Canned Tuna 11.25 lbs. $13.50

12oz. Canned Lunch Meat 7.5 lbs. $12.00

5.0z. Canned Chicken 7.5 lbs. $12.00

If you're good to go on meat try spending the $50 on some kitchen equipment, vacumn bags, extra dehydrator trays, canning jars, lids, bands, an extra seal for your pressure canner. All critical stuff that sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of the "To Buy" list.

Almost at the end of a very productive year of food storage! Keep it up one more month!

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